Saturday, August 6, 2016

Flatrock Fest 2016

Flatrock Fest 2016

Today I had the chance to participate in a pretty great festival dedicated to climbing. Flatrock Fest! held by the Newfoundland Chapter of the ACC. 

Although, just mere minutes away from my house, this was the first time I was actually able to participate  in it. And not just as a person who was going to go to it either, but actually helping out!!

My involvement started as mainly helping develop a rescue plan for the event and for the general area by the Alpine Club of Canada (NL Chapter) members. But it didnt take long for me to get sucked in with wanting to help more.

I was asked to run a "Rappelling" Clinic while I was there supervising my area. And it was the highlight of my day. I had a very young girl, no more then 8 years old.. maybe younger and her dad.

After some quick instructions, she stepped over the edge. And she loved it!! she rapped down, and ran back up again, asking to do it again. She did, this time even faster! Her father on the other hand, was not as quick to catch on as she was, but he did great.. but seeing the child laugh and smile.. Wow made my day!

At the end of the day, we had over 110 people get involved with climbing, old, young, experts, newbies.

Here are a few shots of the event activities.