Thursday, February 26, 2015

A little snow shoeing...

Me and Jack out for a winter recon fir a good winter camping spot.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to make an alcohol stove

I have used cans like this, they actually work very well in a pinch. This is one of the better how to videos on how to make these.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Dad: In Loving Memory.

Hi all.

My last post, also my first showed me and my cousin Shawn doing a trip on the Gaff Topsails. A place in Newfoundland that I grew up loving so much.

I grew up to love this wild area of the Gaff due to my dad. My dad was a person who could walk these barrens, walk the rugged country, cross the bogs and ignore the flies and bugs like no other person on the planet.

If I can boast one thing about my dad, which is not because of the dad factor, but due to the fact that my dad was a true consummate outdoors man and woodsman.

I grew up with watching my dad being a Hunter, Trapper, Wildlife Artist and part time Archaeologist.

He taught me so much about being respectful of nature. As a hunter, he never hunted for sport. He hunted for food. He would never kill a creature for sport or fun, he would track down any animal he would shoot if it was not a clear kill. And when he did knock down a creature, he would always say a small prayer of thanks over each animal.

Well, my best friend, my best mentor, the man who taught me so much about being outdoors passed away on January 14th.

I loved him so much.

In honer of my dad. I created a video memorial for him. My dad took ill, just days after I completed my last journey on the Gaff, and I have not had a chance to do any big trips since.

So now, with his passing. I figured I can honor him with my video memorial.

This video is in Honor of Donald "Son" Locke.

World, let me introduce my dad....