Friday, December 2, 2016

A Short Update: Healing will take time!

Well, its been a little over 3 weeks since I took a spill while #climbing #outdoors I just had my plaster cast removed and replaced with a lighter fiberglass cast. They examined my wounds, and the skin is healing as good as can be expected given the amount of trauma it recieved when my Tibia broke through the skin, and the 9 inch scar from the metal plates and pins are also mending well on the opposite side if my leg. Now its a matter of time to see how well my bones heal and how well my ankle will work with so much joint damage. I still have at least 3 more weeks before I can hope to get into a walking cast and then I have several weeks of therapy before I walk again. Some people have asked me, how do I feel about it happening, referring to my later in life passion for rock climbing. And I tell them this... I could've broken my ankle as easily by slipping on some ice while getting groceries to my car, but instead I got hurt doing something that I loved, pushing my limits while learning more about myself and feeling alive while doing it. I learned a lot that day, lessons I will take with me into the future. This summer I pushed myself, to get myself back into being the outdoor active person who loves exploring, hiking and adventure that i used to be when I was younger! I had a great year outdoors, and although I ended with a badly broken ankle, I got some of the best memories I could've asked for. And it goes along way to compensate for the last 20 years I feel I squandered away. I have combined my newly recent passion for climbing with a lifetime passion of #hiking into the best combination I could ask for! "See it, Hike it, Climb it" #seeithikeitclimbit #noregrets #olyo #healing #fracture #thinkpositive

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