Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Help Support!

Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since I actually posted anything here, as I am still recovering from my fracture in November. But I got something I wanted to post.

My climbing friend Greg has a daughter who has just recently qualified to compete in the Canada National Climbing Championship in British Columbia in February. Now, we all live in Newfoundland which is on the complete opposite side of the country. And I mean that in both the figurative and the literal sense.

So, naturally, all 16 year old athletes trying to make an impression in a field of sports can of course easily afford such a trip and expense.. right?? That's an awful lot of paper route money!!

We all know families sacrifice a lot to make things happen for their children and that's a heavy burden to carry on their own.

I have only known Greg and Erin for a few years now. But I could not of asked for two nicer people to be able to climb with, learn from and just plain hangout with.  Erinn, who is a superb climber has always taken the time to help me learn, put up with my clumsy climbing and answer any of my questions and never once made me or anyone else she climbs with feel silly for climbing grades much lower than her ability to climb while she belays or watches or gives advice, she also climbs them too!  She has some serious talent and I truly believe she will make a huge impact on the climbing world and I want to help her get that chance, in return for everything that she does for our local climbing community here and for me personally. She deserves this chance. So please help or share.

I have posted below a link to her gofundme page, and if you can not fund or do not fund I ask that you simply share this page and spread the word!

Help Erinn Climb in British Columbia!

Please visit this link here!