Friday, March 1, 2019

Winter: Outdoor Fire Building.

Trying to get myself back into the world of outdoor hiking and camping again. I decided to try some basic fire building practice during a pretty cold windy winter day here in Newfoundland.

Check out the video,

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Help Support!

Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since I actually posted anything here, as I am still recovering from my fracture in November. But I got something I wanted to post.

My climbing friend Greg has a daughter who has just recently qualified to compete in the Canada National Climbing Championship in British Columbia in February. Now, we all live in Newfoundland which is on the complete opposite side of the country. And I mean that in both the figurative and the literal sense.

So, naturally, all 16 year old athletes trying to make an impression in a field of sports can of course easily afford such a trip and expense.. right?? That's an awful lot of paper route money!!

We all know families sacrifice a lot to make things happen for their children and that's a heavy burden to carry on their own.

I have only known Greg and Erin for a few years now. But I could not of asked for two nicer people to be able to climb with, learn from and just plain hangout with.  Erinn, who is a superb climber has always taken the time to help me learn, put up with my clumsy climbing and answer any of my questions and never once made me or anyone else she climbs with feel silly for climbing grades much lower than her ability to climb while she belays or watches or gives advice, she also climbs them too!  She has some serious talent and I truly believe she will make a huge impact on the climbing world and I want to help her get that chance, in return for everything that she does for our local climbing community here and for me personally. She deserves this chance. So please help or share.

I have posted below a link to her gofundme page, and if you can not fund or do not fund I ask that you simply share this page and spread the word!

Help Erinn Climb in British Columbia!

Please visit this link here!

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Short Update: Healing will take time!

Well, its been a little over 3 weeks since I took a spill while #climbing #outdoors I just had my plaster cast removed and replaced with a lighter fiberglass cast. They examined my wounds, and the skin is healing as good as can be expected given the amount of trauma it recieved when my Tibia broke through the skin, and the 9 inch scar from the metal plates and pins are also mending well on the opposite side if my leg. Now its a matter of time to see how well my bones heal and how well my ankle will work with so much joint damage. I still have at least 3 more weeks before I can hope to get into a walking cast and then I have several weeks of therapy before I walk again. Some people have asked me, how do I feel about it happening, referring to my later in life passion for rock climbing. And I tell them this... I could've broken my ankle as easily by slipping on some ice while getting groceries to my car, but instead I got hurt doing something that I loved, pushing my limits while learning more about myself and feeling alive while doing it. I learned a lot that day, lessons I will take with me into the future. This summer I pushed myself, to get myself back into being the outdoor active person who loves exploring, hiking and adventure that i used to be when I was younger! I had a great year outdoors, and although I ended with a badly broken ankle, I got some of the best memories I could've asked for. And it goes along way to compensate for the last 20 years I feel I squandered away. I have combined my newly recent passion for climbing with a lifetime passion of #hiking into the best combination I could ask for! "See it, Hike it, Climb it" #seeithikeitclimbit #noregrets #olyo #healing #fracture #thinkpositive

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Locke"Indoors" Indoors?.. What?

Warning, *Maybe Graphic to some" Reader/viewer Discretion Advised 

Well, my first full day at home after being in the hospital for 6 days, after getting two surgeries to repair my compound fractures of both leg bones at my ankle! 6+ weeks of not being able to do anything adventurous.Sad Times

While on a short excursion last weekend I ended up taking a very short slip on some inclined slab. I slipped roughly 12 to 16 inches when my foot caught a ridge and effectively broke off my right foot!

Trust me, it was a pretty good surprise to me when it happened, as at first I thought I may have strained my ankle, and it was only when I looked down at where I was going to stand did I noticed my foot was not in its usual position!

EMS arrived roughly onsite 30 minutes later, and I was back down to the mobile unit about an hour after they arrived. It was a rough old slog!

By the time I got back to the closest hospital it was roughly 2 hours, where I then went under a series of treatments to re align my shattered ankle!

This is roughly 1.5 hours after the slip, and just getting back to the ambulance. Yes, I am smiling, adrenaline does wonderful things! Photo Credit: Greg Locke 

So, I have the picture of what my foot looked like when I got to the hospital, just before they sent me to surgery, but I am not going to show you that! But to give you an idea, picture looking down the length of your  own leg right now and pretend instead of a foot you see a long white bone tip sticking out. Next to that tip, is someone elses foot is laying perpendicular  and you are looking almost directly at the outside of their ankle. Ok, I am sure thats clear enough.

So, then I went into surgery and placed me in what is called an EX Fit is where they put my bones back inside my skin, align my foot back up with my leg, and attach a exo skeleton type of jig which holds everything in place and is drilled directly into bones. Google it! its pretty impressive!

My own EX Fit!

Two days later, they send me into surgery for a second time where they actually remove the Ex Fit and throw enough silverware into my leg and foot to hold everything in place.

Foot pointing in the right direction and in the right location after my second surgery!

Anyways, So, that's it for me till the spring I would say, but I fully plan to keep doing what I love! Getting outdoors! I have lots of things I like to do inside too!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Friends and I Outdoors

A video that shows some of my cool friends, who with out them, I would not have been able to do all the cool stuff I have done!

Thanks for the best summer ever!

Sunday, October 2, 2016